Friday, 10 June 2011

Man up Vettel!

So I was watching some F1 interviews today in an effort to procrastinate and avoid revision in the library, and came across two respective interviews about the recent controversy over cancelling the Bahrain Grand Prix. Obviously it has now been confirmed that Bahrain is off, however these interviews were a about a week ago. I made fun of Lewis Hamilton a couple of weeks ago over his Ali G comments, but there is a middle ground between mouthing off and refusing to get off the fence.

I've picked out the highlights of each interview which demonstrates the differences in nerve of the two drivers... (the videos can be found on the BBC Sport website)

1. Mark Webber (who I have to say is an absolute legend, I'm still holding out hope for my bet on him winning the Championship...very unlikely I know but I'm still rooting for him).

  • Interviewer: If it doesn't go ahead, do you think that's the right decision? Webber: Yup.
  • Webber: I think everyone knows my position on this.
  • Interviewer: Why do you think you are the only driver who spoke out on this? Webber: Dunno, I wasn't looking for any praise or response.

2. Sebastian Vettel (fantastic driver but liking him less and less the more he wins, also share Jenson Button's hatred of that stupid finger gesture he does every time he wins).

  •   Interviewer: As World Champion people look to you to represent F1, what's your position on Bahrain? Vettel: Today is 9th June and we are talking about something to happen at the end of the year.
  • Vettel: I'm not really thinking too far ahead, and Christmas is very far away.
  •  Interviewer:Do you think F1 has been made to look a bit silly on this? Vettel: We all do not know enough to really judge what is right and what is wrong. look out for the question about 1 minute in

A perfect example of a fence sitter. Clearly Vettel's PR manager has him very well trained, so trained in fact he is unable to express judgement or opinion on central F1 issues.  Or perhaps he's just not bothered? As a viewer, I am interested in hearing what the drivers have to say on the matter of whether to cancel a Grand Prix or not; it's one thing shouting your mouth off in the heat of the moment Hamilton style, but surely an opinion is allowed to be given?? It surprised me that Webber was the only one who openly spoke about the Bahrain issue, and I praise him for doing so. 

Finally really for my own entertainment, I'll leave you with a video I stumbled across on Youtube...a parody of Hitler discovering Hamilton won the 2008 championship by 1 point after finishing 5th in the Brazilian Grand's a bit long but very amusing

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Britain's got talent?

Hmm, after having to endure 'Mexican Mayhem' involving a woman trying to coax her pet chiuwawas up a pyramid (only one of them made it up and got given a treat at the top) I can safely say the standard this year is not so great.
However there have been some brilliant acts tonight- Edward who blasts out nursery rhymes like the ultimate pop ballad, Steven Hall the old man who has serious moves in a dance medley including Jai Ho and Hey Mickey, and finally Out Of the Blue who were genuinely so talented. They are an all male choir from Oxford University- initially the potential recipe for a bunch of toffs singing 'Jersualem', but instead we got an all singing dancing choir who sang 'Jump for my love' and 'what a feeling' A Capella in about six parts with surprisingly good choreography. Genuinely entertaining, original and the Queen would love it!
The other semi final I watched this week was the one that was won by Ronan the 12 year old who sang Adele. I didn't like Ronan for a number of reasons: he is a pre teen and was wearing chinos and toms. I'm surprised those style of clothes were made for such an age, I wouldn't be surprised if his no doubt pushy mother had the clothes customised specially. He was undoubtedly talented as a singer but the whole thing just came across as so cringe, he was styled as a cutsey Justin Bieber wannabee, (he even had the same hair) watch this space for stories about his commitment to singing despite being bullied at school. Apologies for my cynicism but our society has been so showered by the sob stories and "journeys" of reality stars who more often than not disappear into the ether after their 15 minutes of fame (Joe McElderry, One True Voice, Michelle McManus, the list goes on...) that I am bored of generic singers, I just want raw entertainment!!

And so for that reason I will be voting for Steven Hall- I was literally screaming with delight at the TV when Steven Hall was dominating the dancefloor-everything from Bollywood to Egyptian so VOTE STEVEN HALL!!

Monday, 30 May 2011

Advice from Ali G, is that wise?

Of course I'm talking about Lewis Hamilton's latest comment during an interview after the Monaco Grand Prix. Hamilton is well known for his moaning and blaming of others, and yesterday proved to be no different. Understandably pissed off, Hamilton doesn't seem to comprehend the benefits of simply keeping your mouth shut in situations like that.
Clearly, he is annoyed about receiving penalties, which although unlucky I have to stay were fair. He got a penalty for attempting to overtake Massa, and instead went into him because of the tight corner, the same tight corner that Di Resta crashed into Alguersuari and also received a penalty for. Evidence that there is no victimising of Hamilton, and certainly no discrimination against him because 'he is black'.
The reason Hamilton was so annoyed was because it was Massa who supposedly held him up during his hot lap during qualifying, and also because Massa crashed in the race seconds after Hamilton's failed overtake, the incident had no bearing on Massa's position.
So unlucky Hamilton, but this is motor sport and there are always going to be elements of luck involved, blaming the marshalls, Massa and joking about racism is not going to help your chances of winning the F1 championship.
Don't get me wrong, I'm no Hamilton hater, in fact I was supporting him as the only viable contender for the championship against Vettel until Monaco, however his very public display of annoyance is going to do him no favours. I feel sorry for the girl who was interviewing him, fair play to her for not leaving too awkward a silence after his "joke" and managing to continue the interview. It must have been a fairly jaw-dropping moment when he replied that "maybe cos I'm black" was the reason for him being targeted by the stewards.
I suggest Hamilton takes some advice from Mark Webber, who has always been unlucky and certainly in the example I'm about to give was a victim of team favouritism. Here's Webber on letting your feelings been known in the coolest way possible yet without causing offence after the Silverstone Grand Prix last year. Legend.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

What Good Sports

Today I discovered the coolest player in rugby...Frederic Michalak of the Barbarians casually sipping on champagne during the England v Barbarians game, and then go on to score a try smiling at the guy he had just dodged past. AMAZING!! Also hilarious description of him by the commentators, 'here comes the good Michalak', hinting at his absolute inconsistency, what a Barbarian.
Altogether a great game even if England did lose, but it was hard anyway to muster much support for the "England" squad which consisted mostly of old veterans (Charlie Hodgson still hasn't retired apparently!) and potential outsiders for the World Cup this autumn. Good to see Banahan being praised, obviously I'm an avid fan being from Jersey, really want to see more of him in international play- his sheer power and surprising pace at 6'7" makes for some exciting rugby when he breaks through defence. Also very impressed by Tim Visser who scored the Barbarians winning try two mins from the end. Had to look him up after the game, a Dutch rugby player very unusual, but apparently he qualifies to play for England- Johno snap him up, this guy has got potential!
Finally I have an incredible suggestion for Rugby Union- have the Barbarians as a wild card team in the World Cup, the team being made up of uncapped, retired, or unselected players. Remember you heard it here first, watch this space...

Saturday, 28 May 2011

A Promise

I made a deal with a certain Miss Jessica Mattler that she would get a mention on my next blog post. Well Jess, you don't just get a mention, oh no, a whole blog post dedicated to you!
As this is a blog, it seems fitting that I should mention Jess's blog is the link
It's all about eating out and cooking, and food in general, basically THE BUSINESS
For those who haven't already guessed, eating out is, like my dear friend Jess, one of my favourite things to do. I'd also like to praise Jess for her blog's purpose, unlike my erratic ramblings, Jess's blog has a theme, something I hope to have one day on here. In other words, Jess is my idol.
By the way, this isn't a frape (I don't know if there's such thing as a brape, get it- blog and rape merged-genius) although I have to mention it is tongue in cheek, I'm not her stalker.. ahem

Photos to share...

Here are a few photos that I wanted to share...
(copyright moi)

Amazon River, Puerto Maldonado, Peru (July 2009)

Redgate Beach, Margaret River, Western Australia (November 2008)

The Peak, Hong Kong (September 2008)

The Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada (April 2009)

Friday, 27 May 2011

Back from Oxford

So hello hello I know my blog fans (i.e. Guy and Becca) have been awaiting my next blog post with baited breath so here is the next installment in my hugely exciting life.
Currently watching Jeremy Kyle in his full glory, the last story was about a three way relationship, Jezza has been on top form although we haven't had a DNA test or lie detector yet which is quite disappointing. I am struggling to understand what some of the people are actually saying though, it's not exactly the Queen's English.
Got back from Oxford earlier today, the train ride back was an absolute joke I was forced to sit on the floor it was so crowded (like I was going to stand up for the full 50 mins) and had some woman's arse right in my face which was pleasant. Also I lost the earpiece padding on one of my Ipod earphones which may seem very trivial but is actually very annoying, my left ear is missing its padding.
Anyway had a good time in Oxford with Eddy and Harry, I got to go to one of the Oxford dinners AND I wore a gown (even if it was just a commoner's one, I'm not lying that is its actual name) in the longest dinner hall in Oxford, fact. Apparently the Keble hall was asked by the Harry Potter filmmakers to be the Hogwarts hall but they said yes on the condition that the pictures of the Keble wardens were kept up, what fools! Missed out on so much kudos to be the Harry Potter hall!