Monday, 23 May 2011

The First Of Many (I hope...)

This is my first attempt at a real blog, and given my track record at committing to things I am not optimistic it will be kept up...HOWEVER I will do my best!
The blog has no real theme as yet, just a random record of my activities, call it an outlet for my thoughts and feelings if you want to be pretentious, or realistically, if you know me, it's an excuse not to revise.

I am currently revising for university exams, or rather sat in my living room with a copy of Heat (which also came with Closer for an extra 30p, bargain) watching what I believe is Dickinson's Real Deal, this really is a new low. I have left the house once today to return an Asos package at the post office, that bow just fell off the bikini I ordered, honestly I haven't worn it (!) and to the local Spar to get some milk. Wow I think I need to recover, that was thrilling.

Appalling daytime tv, trashy magazines and an absolutely pathetic attitude to revision sums up my day, and to be honest university life. Is this a problem?? Not for me, I quite enjoy it.

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