Thursday, 2 June 2011

Britain's got talent?

Hmm, after having to endure 'Mexican Mayhem' involving a woman trying to coax her pet chiuwawas up a pyramid (only one of them made it up and got given a treat at the top) I can safely say the standard this year is not so great.
However there have been some brilliant acts tonight- Edward who blasts out nursery rhymes like the ultimate pop ballad, Steven Hall the old man who has serious moves in a dance medley including Jai Ho and Hey Mickey, and finally Out Of the Blue who were genuinely so talented. They are an all male choir from Oxford University- initially the potential recipe for a bunch of toffs singing 'Jersualem', but instead we got an all singing dancing choir who sang 'Jump for my love' and 'what a feeling' A Capella in about six parts with surprisingly good choreography. Genuinely entertaining, original and the Queen would love it!
The other semi final I watched this week was the one that was won by Ronan the 12 year old who sang Adele. I didn't like Ronan for a number of reasons: he is a pre teen and was wearing chinos and toms. I'm surprised those style of clothes were made for such an age, I wouldn't be surprised if his no doubt pushy mother had the clothes customised specially. He was undoubtedly talented as a singer but the whole thing just came across as so cringe, he was styled as a cutsey Justin Bieber wannabee, (he even had the same hair) watch this space for stories about his commitment to singing despite being bullied at school. Apologies for my cynicism but our society has been so showered by the sob stories and "journeys" of reality stars who more often than not disappear into the ether after their 15 minutes of fame (Joe McElderry, One True Voice, Michelle McManus, the list goes on...) that I am bored of generic singers, I just want raw entertainment!!

And so for that reason I will be voting for Steven Hall- I was literally screaming with delight at the TV when Steven Hall was dominating the dancefloor-everything from Bollywood to Egyptian so VOTE STEVEN HALL!!

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