Friday, 10 June 2011

Man up Vettel!

So I was watching some F1 interviews today in an effort to procrastinate and avoid revision in the library, and came across two respective interviews about the recent controversy over cancelling the Bahrain Grand Prix. Obviously it has now been confirmed that Bahrain is off, however these interviews were a about a week ago. I made fun of Lewis Hamilton a couple of weeks ago over his Ali G comments, but there is a middle ground between mouthing off and refusing to get off the fence.

I've picked out the highlights of each interview which demonstrates the differences in nerve of the two drivers... (the videos can be found on the BBC Sport website)

1. Mark Webber (who I have to say is an absolute legend, I'm still holding out hope for my bet on him winning the Championship...very unlikely I know but I'm still rooting for him).

  • Interviewer: If it doesn't go ahead, do you think that's the right decision? Webber: Yup.
  • Webber: I think everyone knows my position on this.
  • Interviewer: Why do you think you are the only driver who spoke out on this? Webber: Dunno, I wasn't looking for any praise or response.

2. Sebastian Vettel (fantastic driver but liking him less and less the more he wins, also share Jenson Button's hatred of that stupid finger gesture he does every time he wins).

  •   Interviewer: As World Champion people look to you to represent F1, what's your position on Bahrain? Vettel: Today is 9th June and we are talking about something to happen at the end of the year.
  • Vettel: I'm not really thinking too far ahead, and Christmas is very far away.
  •  Interviewer:Do you think F1 has been made to look a bit silly on this? Vettel: We all do not know enough to really judge what is right and what is wrong. look out for the question about 1 minute in

A perfect example of a fence sitter. Clearly Vettel's PR manager has him very well trained, so trained in fact he is unable to express judgement or opinion on central F1 issues.  Or perhaps he's just not bothered? As a viewer, I am interested in hearing what the drivers have to say on the matter of whether to cancel a Grand Prix or not; it's one thing shouting your mouth off in the heat of the moment Hamilton style, but surely an opinion is allowed to be given?? It surprised me that Webber was the only one who openly spoke about the Bahrain issue, and I praise him for doing so. 

Finally really for my own entertainment, I'll leave you with a video I stumbled across on Youtube...a parody of Hitler discovering Hamilton won the 2008 championship by 1 point after finishing 5th in the Brazilian Grand's a bit long but very amusing

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