Friday, 27 May 2011

Back from Oxford

So hello hello I know my blog fans (i.e. Guy and Becca) have been awaiting my next blog post with baited breath so here is the next installment in my hugely exciting life.
Currently watching Jeremy Kyle in his full glory, the last story was about a three way relationship, Jezza has been on top form although we haven't had a DNA test or lie detector yet which is quite disappointing. I am struggling to understand what some of the people are actually saying though, it's not exactly the Queen's English.
Got back from Oxford earlier today, the train ride back was an absolute joke I was forced to sit on the floor it was so crowded (like I was going to stand up for the full 50 mins) and had some woman's arse right in my face which was pleasant. Also I lost the earpiece padding on one of my Ipod earphones which may seem very trivial but is actually very annoying, my left ear is missing its padding.
Anyway had a good time in Oxford with Eddy and Harry, I got to go to one of the Oxford dinners AND I wore a gown (even if it was just a commoner's one, I'm not lying that is its actual name) in the longest dinner hall in Oxford, fact. Apparently the Keble hall was asked by the Harry Potter filmmakers to be the Hogwarts hall but they said yes on the condition that the pictures of the Keble wardens were kept up, what fools! Missed out on so much kudos to be the Harry Potter hall!

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  1. LOOL Hannah at your earbud catastrophe, I definitely feel your pain there. They totally comfort and cushion the listening experience! I want to go to Hogwarts and have a piano in my room! Warwick is so freaking boring! Long live jezza.