Monday, 30 May 2011

Advice from Ali G, is that wise?

Of course I'm talking about Lewis Hamilton's latest comment during an interview after the Monaco Grand Prix. Hamilton is well known for his moaning and blaming of others, and yesterday proved to be no different. Understandably pissed off, Hamilton doesn't seem to comprehend the benefits of simply keeping your mouth shut in situations like that.
Clearly, he is annoyed about receiving penalties, which although unlucky I have to stay were fair. He got a penalty for attempting to overtake Massa, and instead went into him because of the tight corner, the same tight corner that Di Resta crashed into Alguersuari and also received a penalty for. Evidence that there is no victimising of Hamilton, and certainly no discrimination against him because 'he is black'.
The reason Hamilton was so annoyed was because it was Massa who supposedly held him up during his hot lap during qualifying, and also because Massa crashed in the race seconds after Hamilton's failed overtake, the incident had no bearing on Massa's position.
So unlucky Hamilton, but this is motor sport and there are always going to be elements of luck involved, blaming the marshalls, Massa and joking about racism is not going to help your chances of winning the F1 championship.
Don't get me wrong, I'm no Hamilton hater, in fact I was supporting him as the only viable contender for the championship against Vettel until Monaco, however his very public display of annoyance is going to do him no favours. I feel sorry for the girl who was interviewing him, fair play to her for not leaving too awkward a silence after his "joke" and managing to continue the interview. It must have been a fairly jaw-dropping moment when he replied that "maybe cos I'm black" was the reason for him being targeted by the stewards.
I suggest Hamilton takes some advice from Mark Webber, who has always been unlucky and certainly in the example I'm about to give was a victim of team favouritism. Here's Webber on letting your feelings been known in the coolest way possible yet without causing offence after the Silverstone Grand Prix last year. Legend.


  1. LOL you are such a boy, i love it.

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  2. I'm no man! ah ok thanks I'll try and work out how to do that...definitely not my strong point! xx